Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bilingual Field Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Hands-on learning is fun, exciting, and engaging... and there is much room for such learning in foreign language studies.  Spanish is living!  It's used all around the world every day, and it has a rich and colorful history that very much shapes our local Southern California lifestyle.  This is why field trips are simply essential for language learning and are included in many Temprano Spanish classes.

This year our Junior High and High School level students went to Mission San Juan Capistrano!  What a place of historic depth and aesthetic beauty.  The grounds are kept pristine with blooming flowers and flowing fountains.  We had a private tour conducted in both English and Spanish in such a way where students could pick up new words, and practice what they have studied, but also not get lost.  Even parents had the chance to dust off some of their Spanish.  It was excellent!
Part of our group having fun at Mission SJC!  Even Baby Abigail got in on the fun!

After the tour we found a local Mexican restaurant where students could receive extra credit for ordering in Spanish.  Though perhaps a bit nervous, their language skills worked as I believe everyone got what they had asked for!  Practicing a foreign language isn't about getting every syllable right, but about putting oneself out there and making the effort to try what has been learned.  I love seeing students' willingness to use their language skills out the the field.


  1. I was there once back in my teenage and at that time it was a fun and excitng place for me to visit. I can still recall some of the unforgettable moments spent there.

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