Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Now Enrolling: Elementary Spanish Classes

What a gift to start off your students learning Spanish early on.  That's what we do in our Temprano Spanish courses.  Today, especially here in Southern California, Spanish is barely a "foreign" language.  It is spoken all around us!  It is a common part of our local lifestyle.  Teaching your children Spanish gives them a foot in the door to countless career opportunities, not to mention enriching life experiences.  The skills they learn are not limited to Spanish, but they translate to increased understanding of English and ability to learn other languages as well.

During the elementary years, we have more time to approach Spanish with songs, games, dance, hand motions, drawing, and acting.  We aren't rushed to prepare for the next written exam, but we create a safe environment for students to absorb the language naturally and enjoy the process.

Start a class with your friends!  If you have a group of friends who would also like to learn Spanish, you can have your own private class!  We generally meet once per week for an hour long class.  Each student has his or her own workbook and each family has the CD of songs to take home and reinforce the material between classes.  Prizes are awarded for completed homework.  Each class meeting is unique and full of language learning!

Contact Megan Fitzpatrick at 714-425-5533 or email Mrs.MeganFitzpatrick@gmail.com to start up your own private elementary Spanish class!


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