Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Parent Testimonial: Learning as a Family

Dad wins!
Imagine intentional time with your family enjoying each other's company and learning a new skill.  This is what I love about Family Classes.  Whole families can learn Spanish together!  Parents learn right alongside their children and everyone encourages each other to practice and keep growing toward bilingualism throughout the week.

Maria had this vision when she contacted me.  She is a native Spanish speaker, and she desired for her children to be fluent in Spanish as well.  The same as one would hire a personal trainer to get physically fit, she knew that having a Spanish instructor in the home to facilitate learning and accountability would make the difference, and it did!  Here's a quote from Maria:

"Our family has been taking Spanish with Megan for six months.  It has been an incredible experience for us.  As a native speaker, it is extremely important that my sons (5 and 10) learn to speak, read and write Spanish.  However, I was not successful in teaching them myself because of their lack of interest.  With Megan, not only are they learning the language but as a family we get to play games, sing and have fun doing it.  My husband looks forward to our Spanish class as well.  Thank you Megan for bringing the love of Spanish to our family."

What an inspiration Maria is and what a joy to see a family purposefully spending an hour together to learn Spanish!


  1. I have had the joy of taking Spanish lessons with Megan via Skype for many months now, and she's really a fantastic teacher! Thank you Megan!

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