Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Starting Students "Temprano"

Making empanadas!
Back in 2010, when I started Temprano Spanish, I knew that helping students to begin learning Spanish early on in their educational journeys was one of my main goals.  This is what gave birth to the name "Temprano" (Spanish for "Early").  Young students really are "sponges," and time after time I've seen how incredibly well even the youngest students acquire Spanish as a foreign language.

One of my youngest students started when she was just two years old!  Meghan, homeschooling mother of 3, contacted me and said that she would like to start Spanish lessons for her two oldest: ages 4 and 2 at the time. We sang songs, played games, did puppets, jumped, danced, acted, drew and laughed our way along for two full years.  After these years of weekly lessons, these students knew a TON!  They could act out verbs, understand stories, answer questions, and make silly sentences.  I often had to fight back tears as they would recall words and phrases so naturally and beautifully.  

Meghan's family moved to the East Coast at the end of our two years of classes together, but they continue to stand firm in my mind as a great example of the incredible benefits of learning Spanish "early" on!  
Recalling vocabulary through drawing


  1. Must've been a great experience. After reading your experience I learned that if you want to learn a new language you need to start early, as early as possible.

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