About the Instructor

Mrs. Fitzpatrick at La Alhambra in Granada, Spain

My name is Megan Fitzpatrick and I am the owner and instructor for Temprano Spanish.  A native Californian, I have been teaching/tutoring Spanish since 2003 and I have a minor in Spanish from Chapman University in Orange, CA.  I have also served as a Spanish/English interpreter overseas and locally.  

In 2006 I lived in Sevilla, Spain for a semester and taught English as a Second Language.  I have also traveled to Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for ministry trips, picking up the culture and language variations along the way.

Learning Spanish is FUN!  Since 2010 I have been focusing on teaching homeschooling students in Southern California.  My role is to come alongside parents in their families' educational journeys and provide quality, individualized Spanish instruction.  I also work with students in other private and public schools, and just about everyone else! My youngest student started when she was 2 years old, my oldest students are grandparents.  Language learning is for everyone!  We use songs, games, skits, dance, cultural projects, and field trips to explore the Spanish language.  Classes can be one-on-one or a small group with your friends!  Contact me and we can set up what works best for your family!